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Apr 22, 2006

The second part of the show brings us past the Bayreuth Nazi Era, and all the way up to the 1951 re-opening of the Festival after the war. This podcast features a recording from the early 1920's where the original Bayreuth Parsifal bells can be heard (they were destroyed during World War II), a recording of the Good Friday Spell conducted by Siegfried Wagner, the composer's son, and an excerpt from the landmark 1951 Wieland Wagner Bayreuth production of this opera, featuring baritone George London and tenor Wolfgang Windgassen.

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almost fifteen years ago

Thank you for giving us the opportunity of listening to these otherwise rare performances. However, I would like to say that, yes, you can conduct Parsifal 1st Act Prelude more slowly than Muck: just listen to Levine. His recording from Bayreuth takes 16.23 minutes. Maybe Muck conveys more mysticism but this, in part, is also due to the misty sound of an orchestra that played some 80 years ago.
The second point concerns the relationship between Bayreuth and Hitler. True, Siegfried Wagner had strong inclinations towards Adolf Hitler but it was his very British wife Winifred who was the real enthusiast and stood by her F├╝hrer until the very end and never disowned her admiration and friendship for him.
I just thought this had to be stressed.
Thank you.