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Apr 17, 2006

In our premiere Podcast, we will explore the various ways in which Wagner's last opera, Parsifal, has been performed since it first saw the light of day at the Bayreuth Festival of 1882. In this program we will focus on the way that conductors have approached this musical score. It is our hope that you will enjoy the musical numbers that we have selected for you.  My sincere thanks goes out to my friend Keith Barnes who provided me with the rare musical excerpts that you will hear in this program.  This program could not have been done without his help. Enjoy the show!

Microsoft Office 2010
almost thirteen years ago

In Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office will support two separate yag versions, ie version 32 bit and 64 bit versions and Office 2010 will be the first to do Microsoft Publisher 2010 two different versions, in two different versions, Microsoft did not want a lot of talk about the advantages and differences of the two versions.Trial version of Microsoft Office 2010 a new plan could be tried at the end of this year, for the curious to the Office 2010 interface, you can see a preview image below, Microsoft OneNote 2010 the image below may be different from the final version of Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft is now considering Office 2010 is still in the development stage and it might be different intrface.

almost thirteen years ago

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